How to schedule an appointment with Pomona Animal Hospital:
- Contact us by calling or texting us @ 909-623-2144 - Email us @ [email protected] 

Once you choose your desired time and date for your appointment, please make a payment of $49.00 by ZELLE (send to 909-516-3842) OR you may request a link to be sent to your cell phone number or through care credit. Payment must be made THE SAME DAY appointment was scheduled, and during business hours. If we do not receive payment, your appointment is not guaranteed to be held.

 PAH works with Spay/Neuter organizations such as Pet Assistance and Actors and Others.

Please ask for an estimate for your pet!*

 *Note: Spay/neuter pricing depends on the species and weight. Pregnant, in heat, cryptorchid (testicles not descended), or overweight animals will be charged accordingly. 

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