How to schedule an appointment with Pomona Animal Hospital:
- Contact us by calling or texting us @ 909-623-2144 - Email us @ [email protected] 

Once you choose your desired time and date for your appointment, please make a payment of $49.00 by ZELLE (send to 909-516-3842) OR you may request a link to be sent to your cell phone number or through care credit. Payment must be made THE SAME DAY appointment was scheduled, and during business hours. If we do not receive payment, your appointment is not guaranteed to be held.

Pomona Animal Hospital

        Thank you for choosing this website to learn more about the countless ways we at Pomona Animal Hospital (PAH) can help you with your pet care needs.  Please browse through our tabs, join our newsletter subscription, and become a member to learn more about PAH. 

         We strive to meet the needs of all our patients.  From routine office calls and annual vaccines to emergency exams and life saving surgeries.  We offer a full range of veterinary services here at Pomona Animal Hospital.   

         Our services include, but are not limited to...


...prevention medicine- vaccine schedules, flea preventative, regular deworming, Dental cleaning 

...surgeries- spays, neuters, dentals, mass removals,

...diagnostic- ear smears, radiographs, extensive blood/urine analysis, cytologies, 

... boarding- large runs for dogs and isolated cages for cats.

...grooming- shampoo, conditioner, and haircut complete with toe nail trim

...emergency services- doctor on premises during business hours 

chiropractic spine


Learn how we can help with your pain